Terms & Conditions

The Secret Copper Events offer 3 different hire options
  1. Cash Bar (Your guests pay for all their own drinks using cash or card) £250 hire charge (non refundable payable on booking) £750 minimum spend payable by the hirer/host 7 days before event date – this is refunded to you when the guests spend reaches £750.
  2. Host pre pay (Host/hirer pays for an agreed proportion of their guest drinks) £250 Hire Charge (non refundable payable on booking) £750 minimum more if your feeling generous – guests start paying when amount runs out.
  3. Host All Pay (Host/hirer picks up entire bill after the event) Minimum £750 pre paid 7 days prior to event – anything extra to be paid by the host at the end of the event.
  • Booking can only be made by a person over the age of 18, The Secret Copper Events has a strict challenge 25 policy on serving alcohol (if applies to your event) if your lucky enough to look under 25 please ensure you and guests bring some identification (passport/driving licence official Photo ID card).
  • The Secret copper Events has public liability insurance and Mr P Young holds a personal alcohol licence and all relevant hygiene/health and safety qualifications and ratings.
  • The Secret copper Events will apply for a Tens (temporary events notice) for your event if alcohol is specified, the charge is included in the hire price. At least 45 days notice is required and the granting of the notice is subject to the local authorities.
  • The Secret copper Events will provide up to 3 fully trained and DBS checked members of staff to serve drinks who will be smartly dressed.
  • The Secret copper Events cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen eventualities such as adverse weather or severe traffic/accidents delaying attendance at the event location.
  • The Secret Copper Events reserve the right to end an event early due to antisocial behaviour and/or abusive and aggressive behaviour towards our staff, van or equipment. This is a zero toleration policy.
  • In the unlikely circumstance the hirer or guest of the hirers event causes reckless or intentional damage towards the van or equipment the hirer will be invoiced for the full cost.
  • The Secret Copper Events offers card payments but please note WiFi/4G is required so if your event is in a network black spot please inform guests card payments may not be possible.
  • The Secret Copper Events does not use or hire glassware due to limited washing facilities – the hirer can bring/hire their own glassware but note they cannot be washed using the camper bars facilities.
  • The Secret copper Events uses fully recyclable cups and paper straws.
  • Payment - the none refundable hire amount is made on booking to secure the date, any pre pay bar amounts are to be paid 7 days prior to the event. Payment can be made by card payment or bank transfer.